Granite is an igneous rock and as such is quarried in blocks which are then cut into slabs of varying thickness (usually 20,30 or 40 mm thick); the slabs are then highly polished. Slabs are then used to service any requirements that may be demanded of a bespoke projects be it External Wall Cladding, Wall Lining, Floor Paving, Counter Tops or Vanitory Tops.

Smaller blocks obtained from the quarry can be used on the tiling line from which 10mm thick tiles are cut.

Granite is found in many colours with each source having its own specific geological make up. This manifests itself in veining, swirls or colour variations.

Some popular Granite types are:

Bethel White, Grigio Sardo, Rosa Porrinho, Nero Impala, Nero Assoluto, Galaxy, Baltic Brown, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Paradiso

Kitchen Worktops in Ivory Spice Granite