Natural Stone and Mosaics


Limestone is also a popular stone used mainly in domestic settings but increasingly used in commercial and retail environments. As a consequence there are a huge number of Limestones available today.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock and as such care should be taken to select the right stone with suitable characteristics for its intended use.

Specifiers should pay close attention to:

Apparent Density
Porosity by Volume

Many types of slate are available from all over the world. Some hard, some soft. Beware of buying slate of undue irregular thickness which, given the small fixing zone generally available in modern settings, can be slow and very expensive to fix.


The use of Mosaic is undergoing something of a revival in UK. Many types of mosaic are now available in glass or ceramic as is the traditional Roman Mosaic in Marble. For flooring marble mosaic is most commonly used and this, if properly looked after will last a lifetime. Marble mosaic can also be renovated and refurbished.

New Roman Mosaic to replace old