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Terrazzo originated in the Friuli district of north eastern Italy several hundred years ago. Since then their technique of embedding polishable stone, pebbles and the like set in "packed earth" has been refined in modern times by the use of a cementitious matrix, dyes for the cement matrix and carefully graded chippings of Marble, Glass and other aggregates allowing Architects and Specifiers a wealth of colour, tone and texture for use in any prestigious project.

The Terrazzo we know today can be found in use principally in areas of high pedestrian traffic - Airports, Supermarkets, Railway Stations and also in Hospitals and Schools. As well as being extremely durable, Terrazzo as a surface finish, provides a smooth, hygienic and non-dusting surface which, when allied to a suitable maintenance regime, will last indefinitely.

Pre-cast Terrazzo:

As the name suggests Pre-cast Terrazzo is manufactured "off site" to pre-specified modules (such as tiles) and panels. These can be used for flooring or wall lining as well as for staircases and other bespoke features such as counter tops, bar tops and kitchen tops.

In-situ Terrazzo:

This is laid on site using a mix of cement, colour if required and Marble aggregate to a pre-specified mix. Once laid the surface is then ground smooth to achieve a seamless monolithic appearance.

n.b. British Standards advise that division strips of plastic or metal should be incorporated into any insitu floor exceeding 1 M2 and used thereafter in bays of 1M x 1M to relieve the floor of surface stresses which could otherwise lead to cracking.

Terrazzo Maintenance:

As a finish Terrazzo requires very little maintenance beyond regular dusting and cleaning with the appropriate products. Over time the surface will become duller and acquire a patina of age. This can be removed by a deep clean or a re-grind and re-polish which will bring the surface back to near new.

Artwork comissioned by Slough Borough Council.
Designed by: Anne Smythe, using in-situ terrazzo and Burlington slate.

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