At Fieldmount we have many years of experience in the restoration, renovation and cleaning of all types of natural stone and terrazzo.

Using our own specialist craftsmen we have many tried and trusted cleaning materials and various polishing machines at our disposal to breathe new life into any stone feature be it flooring, wall cladding, staircases or columns and the like.

Over time floors and wall cladding will acquire a patina of age and gradually lose their lustre. In many instances a clean with specialist products followed by mechanical buffing will suffice to bring the surface back to its original finish and appearance.

At other times we encounter natural stone features which have, generally through lack of proper care and maintenance, been damaged and stained to what may seem to some as an irreparable state. We have the equipment and know how to restore even the most badly damaged and dilapidated surfaces.

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Refurbished antique Terrazzo with Roman Mosaic border

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